Tuesday, January 10, 2012

An Unpleasant Walk by C. Rafe Carlson

An Unpleasant Walk is a Pride and Prejudice variation that begins at Hunsford. While walking on one of her favorite paths, Elizabeth encounters Colonel Fitzwilliam. Things turn ugly when the Colonel suddenly pins her to a tree and attacks her. He tells her she will become his mistress and he will come to her later that night to make her his. Darcy finds her bruised and upset as she is making her way back to the parsonage. After learning the truth, he vows to help her. He forms a plan to get her to London without anyone finding out what happened and before the Colonel can come back to finish what he started.

I really like the idea of this story. I wasn't happy about Colonel Fitzwilliam being a scoundrel of the worst kind, but I thought I could get over it and love Darcy being a hero and saving Elizabeth. But most of the time her recovery is with the Gardiners. It seems to take her a long time to recover.

I did like how before getting to London, Darcy and Elizabeth were able to talk and clear the air about Jane and Bingley, and Mr. Wickham. Her shock in learning the truth about Wickham, and Colonel Fitzwilliam’s behavior makes her question her ability to judge people’s true character. Darcy is so patient and kind to Elizabeth with how he handles himself around her, especially right after the attack when she startles easily.

One of my favorite characters in this story is Mrs. Higham, the widow of the previous parson. Knowing the need to have a chaperone, Mr. Darcy asked Mrs. Higham to accompany them back to London. She is instrumental in explaining the situation to Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner and on occasion, counseling Mrs. Gardiner about Lizzy’s condition.

For me, there was just too much sadness in this story; it took too long to resolve. Elizabeth is not the strong woman who is able to reason out what happens to her and jump back quickly. It does end well and I enjoyed that. But overall it's not one that I would read again.

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  1. Hmmm... I like the premise here except for Col. Fitzwilliam. I had to read that again to make sure you were serious. That's a pretty gutsy thing for the author to attempt. Its along the same lines as the few JAFF that have turned Wickham good. I enjoy Elizabeth being flipped into the damsel in distress which I know many Austen purists rant about, but I love. :/ If you enjoyed this one, have you read Fitzwilliam Darcy An Honourable Man by Brenda Webb? Your review reminded me of it and it's one of my go-to P&Ps for Darcy saving Elizabeth from evilness....
    Or even The Mistress's Black Veil by M. K. Baxley. This one has a crazy premise of Elizabeth being a courtesan with a veil, so Darcy doesnt know its her. Both of them have Darcy rescuing Lizzy heroically. Love it. <3

  2. Erlynn, I do like Elizabeth being the damsel in distress, but not this one. I really didn't enjoy it. I agree with you, it was pretty gutsy of the author to portray the Colonel as a villain! I'm a huge Colonel Fitzwilliam fan! :) I have read The Mistress's Black Veil and I LOVED it! You should read it. It's a good one. I have An Honorable Man and I'm sure I've read it but I can't remember right now. :/

  3. I read this online awhile ago and, while I don't recall all the details, I agree with what you've said. I kind of dissociated this villain from the "real" Colonel Fitzwilliam. I had to remind myself at times that they were the same, if that makes sense. It helped that in this, his name was not Richard. It did take a long time for Lizzy to recover and stop blaming herself but I loved how Darcy went about getting her away from Hunsford.

    The Mistress's Black Veil and FD:An Honorable Man are both on my tbr list. There is a story on dwiggie.com called Brave New World of Toil and Trouble that deals with Lizzy being raped as a teenager by a relative of Darcy's (not Colonel F!). It's angsty of course, and Darcy is a real jerk for awhile but I still thought it was a great story. Lots of drama and twists.

  4. Like the others, I do not like that Col. Fitzwilliam is the villisn. I just can't picture him as such. I do love stories that have Darcy being this type of hero & saving the day.
    I have been going ack & forth as to whether or not I want to read The Mistress's Black Veil. I did read one on one of the FF sites (AHA or MRR) where Lizzy's is attacked by an acquaintance of Darcy's. There is also a lady friend who was married to the villian's brother & Darcy helped her out several years ago. A bit angsty, but good.
    I guess that is one of the hazards or reading so many variations, you forget titles and sometimes events get muddled.
    Thanks for the review, Candy!
    Monica, I will have to check into that story. Must finish SF first! :)

  5. Monica, I was so glad the author didn't use the name Richard! That did help. My favorite part of the story was when Darcy helped Elizabeth get away from Hunsford!

    I have not read Brave New World of Toil and Trouble. I don't know if I could handle Elizabeth being raped.

    Jakki, I think you should read TMBV! Thank you for all your help!

    I'm always getting all these variations mixed up! That's one reason I started writing reviews, to help me remember!! :)

  6. I dont typically search out that type of story but every now and then I will just get sucked into a real tear-jerker. The title Brave New World kind of belies the seriousness of the story. The rape scene is not graphic but it is so sad (obviously) because she was young and there were heavy consequences to follow. Darcy and Lizzy's kids in the story are incredibly adorable. That same author also had a story called Some Like it Wild which is really cute. Lizzy is forced to accept Collins but she dresses up as a boy and runs away from home, going to Darcy for help, even though their acquaintance was short. If you like tear-jerkers there is a story called Twilight of the Abyss. No rape or anything like that, but it's sad. Ok, I'll stop now. Lol

  7. I think I might have read Some Like it Wild, it sounds familiar. I pretty much have stopped reading stories online because there are sooo many published books to read right now! I can't keep up! :)

    I really don't like sad stories in general. I'm very much a fluffy, sappy, happy ever after kind of gal!

    Oh, I just figured out, I already have Twilight of the Abyss. I wonder if I've read it? I bought it in paperback. hmmm...interesting.

    I love the conversation! thanks everyone!

  8. Yes, I too think Some Like it Wild sounds good. I am with you, Cany. I have stopped reading FF online since there are so many published books to read. I just don't have time to read it all! :/ bummer! Although, there are some really great stories online.


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