Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Muse Blog Tour ~ My Review

Hey Everyone! I'm super excited to be part of The Muse Blog Tour! I was fortunate to get a copy for review, because it was fantastic! My thanks to Leatherbound Reviews and Meryton Press! And, of course, to Jessica Evans for writing a wonderful story!!

Book Blurb:

Elizabeth Bennet, the newest corps de ballet dancer at Ballet Theater of New York, dreams of rising through the prestigious company’s ranks to become a prima ballerina. When she’s cast in superstar choreographer William Darcy’s newest work, she believes she’s one step closer to realizing her dream–until she meets him. 

William Darcy, the former dance legend and ballet bad boy, is a jaded perfectionist whom dancers both fear and admire. Although touted as the next big thing in the ballet world, he secretly battles a bad case of artist’s block–until he meets Elizabeth Bennet. 

Tempers ignite between Elizabeth and Darcy, but he’s irresistibly drawn to the stubborn and beautiful corps de ballet dancer. Could she be the muse he needs to reignite his passion for ballet?

The Muse: A Pride and Prejudice Variation 
by Jessica Evans 

Publication Date: December 15th, 2014 
Publisher: Meryton Press 
Pages: 384 
Received: E-copy from publisher 
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

"Rest assured--first impressions are not always what they seem to be" ~ Darcy

My Review:

Wow! I loved The Muse! This modern Pride and Prejudice variation is set in New York City, where Elizabeth is a dancer at the Ballet Theater of New York, and Darcy is a choreographer for the ballet. 

Darcy is harsh and curt as he corrects his dancers.  He wasn't there to make friends, and the dancers should appreciate his attention. Elizabeth has caught his eye, and he is quick to instruct her. She awakes his creative juices, and soon, unknown to her, she becomes his muse. Of course, this doesn't sit well with Elizabeth!

Elizabeth takes offense to his attention. After overhearing a conversation between Darcy and Charles Bingley on the first day of rehearsals, where Darcy remarks that Elizabeth doesn’t have the right body type, saying she is too short and curvy for a ballerina. Now every correction Darcy gives, Liz only sees as criticism and his disdain for her.

Darcy was intense, brooding and self-absorbed at the beginning of the story, but he is also a loyal friend and good brother. Georgiana wasn’t my favorite here; she was a bit too valley girl and immature.

Elizabeth is hard working and determined to be a great dancer, but at the same time she struggles with self-doubt. She is also a bit jealous of Jane, who is beautiful and an excellent dancer. Jane also has an amazing boyfriend, Charles Bingley. It bothers Liz that she didn't have either; she wasn't a great dancer nor did she have a boyfriend, but for now, she would work on her dancing. 

I have to admit I didn’t think I would like Darcy as a dancer, but it worked really well! I was hooked right from the beginning. The story flowed well and kept me engaged, which I’ve been having trouble with lately.

The choreography in this story is beautiful and at times sensual.  I'm not a dancer, but it seems Ms. Evans really did her homework or is a dancer herself! 

For those who care to know, I would say, there are some mild sex scenes, and course language.

The Muse is an excellent read! I would highly recommend it!

FTC Disclaimer: I received an e-copy of the story from the publisher for my honest review.

Expected publication date is December 15th, but be sure to add it to your goodreads shelf!

About the Author:

Jessica Evans is middle school English teacher by trade, I cut my writer’s teeth in various fan fiction forums starting at the tender age of fifteen. My debut novel, The Muse: A Pride and Prejudice Variation, is set to be published by Meryton Press in December 2014.

In my spare time, I read a lot of Young Adult literature, cook and eat as organically/sustainably/artisanally/grass-fed-ally as possible, and work on improving my life one affirmation at a time. I live in the magical borough of Brooklyn, though am not a hipster. I swear.

Connect with Jessica Evans

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Any thoughts? I'd love to hear from you! 


  1. Candy, excellent review Candy. You always tell me exactly what I need to know without giving anything away.

    1. Hi Joy! Thank you! Sometimes telling why you like (or don't like) a story without giving anything away is hard to do, but I do my best. ...more like, it's alway hard! ;) lol

  2. Candy, thank you so much for your wonderful review of The Muse! I'm so glad that you liked it. :D

    1. Hi Jessica! It was a pleasure! I'm looking forward to reading more from you!


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